Forgiveness Transforms


Forgive Me

I’ve been experiencing a lot of rage recently, rage towards people who hurt me in the past and most importantly rage towards myself. I’ve never considered myself to be an angry person. After all, I’m the nice girl and nice girls don’t get angry, right?

Well, I’m discovering that my niceness was my way to suppress the anger that was there all along. It never felt safe to express my anger so I repressed it and became depressed or anxious.

Last summer I made a commitment to change my money story. It has been a transformative experience as I addressed some deeply painful childhood experiences. It’s been challenging but I’m glad that I’ve been shifting energy in core areas of my life.

I realized that I’ve made many mistakes in managing my money, but I’ve never forgiven myself for these errors. I grew up with the worldview that God will punish me if I make a mistake, so I have to be vigilant to make sure I don’t screw up.

Since I lived with a scarcity mindset for most of my life, making a mistake was more significant. I believed that there was a finite amount of money and losing money was the end of the world because I didn’t believe that I could make more. I truly felt screwed when I lost money due to my poor money management. I became hypervigilant.

The irony that we learn from Law of Attraction is that the more vigilant I am focusing on my mistakes, the more mistakes I will make. And I kept on making more mistakes with my money. I couldn’t figure it out.

So I tapped (practiced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on my desire to forgive myself for my money errors. Instead of seeing God as the judge who will punish me for my mistakes I chose to see the Divine as pure love, the One who accepts me and guides me on my path of love.

After I tapped, I wrote a letter to myself, listing my errors with money and I forgave myself for these mistakes. I tore the letter into pieces and flushed the pieces down the toilet. As I did that it felt like my tendency to beat myself up over my mistakes was flushed down the toilet at the same time.

I felt free and light, ready to take action to move forward on my dreams. I now see that my errors with money are simply opportunities to grow in consciousness.

Guess what, forgiveness spreads! Forgiving myself for my money mistakes has spread to other areas of my life. After I wrote myself the forgiveness letter I had an interaction with someone that afternoon. I made a mistake in how I handled the situation and was called on it publicly. In the past, I would have felt so ashamed and apologized profusely. This time I apologized to the person I offended and let it go. I was totally relaxed in my interactions with others that day.

Do you want to transform your life? Enjoy this rendition of “I Forgive Me” by Tim McAfee-Lewis from the Agape International Spiritual Centre. Reflect on how you can move forward and achieve your goals with ease as you forgive yourself.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

A New View of Failure

A Failing Business


Our world worships success and idealizes winners. People often feel like an absolute loser when they don’t reach their goals immediately.

I certainly understand, for up until now, I would condemn myself as a failure when I didn’t reach my goal. Or I would continue a project that I struggled with because I didn’t want to be seen as a failure if I quit. What a frustrating and joyless life!

But what if there was a new view of failure? What if this perspective liberated you by freeing you to take another step towards your current goal or create a new goal? Tamara Levitt shares her healthy perception of failure in her video “Ode to Failure.”

Ms. Levitt is an artist who chats openly about the failures she experienced in her struggle to attain artistic success. She also shares the wisdom she acquired in the process. She speaks about her decision to end her musical career under the misguided direction of a counselor when she failed to obtain a recording contract.

She asserts that we have a distorted view of success. She emphasizes that when the goal is all that matters we often miss the beauty that we experience in the process. Since we idealize winners and condemn “failures,” many people fight against the limitations they experience. People struggle endlessly to achieve a goal instead of accepting their limitation and working with their nature.

I can relate to this experience. I struggled to create a network marketing business for almost 20 years and had little success. Then after reassessing the situation I realized that network marketing is a business model that does not work for my personality.

I am a star performer personality and I am more successful marketing my own products & services. Marketing other people’s products and services, a.k.a. network marketing, is a poor fit. Currently I’m being mentored by a successful entrepreneur and learning how to develop products that will serve women.

Tamara Levitt persuades us to accept our limitations and liberate ourselves from the need to be perfect. She encourages us to celebrate the smallest victory we achieve in the journey to our goals.

Towards the end she encourages us to remember that:

We are good enough.
Just because we may have a failure,
It does not mean that we are a failure.

As you view the video reflect on your past failures. How did you feel when you failed? Could Tamara’s perspective help you in the future?

Before you start to condemn yourself for your past failures, check out this video on famous failures. You’re in excellent company!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

P.S. – Image © Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Creating Prosperity in the Feminine

Live Your Dream


What prosperous and feminine? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? After all we’ve all known women described as “rich bitches” haven’t we. I certainly don’t want to be a bitch. Don’t you have to be hard and tough as nails to create wealth?

Can a woman be a caring, compassionate person and create an opulent life? I didn’t think it was possible and I tried to be tough and hard in my previous businesses. I pushed and worked really hard to create a level of success but I would get burnt out and frustrated.

The success never lasted because I am a feminine woman who tried to follow the masculine energy model of success. But I’m an entrepreneur at my core, so I persevered despite the challenges.

Then I recently connected with Nicole Abundance and this friendship transformed everything. Nicole is a life coach with a passion to empower women with tools and resources to achieve their dreams. Nicole is a caring, compassionate, service oriented woman who created an opulent life for herself and her family.

She created the Goddess Bank, a video program to teach women how to create opulence from the inside out. Nicole is living proof that her program works. She’s a single mother who went from cleaning other people’s home to generating the income to hire someone to clean her home.

I recently began the Goddess Bank program and I’m amazed at what I’m learning. The biggest lesson so far is that I am the bank. Everything that I desire flows from within me.

Like most people I’ve been conditioned to believe that I have to access resources outside of me to create what I desire. The reality is that money is energy that’s created from the merger of masculine and feminine energy. A bank is simply a reservoir of money.

As I learn to manage my energetic resources and increase my vibration, money will flow to me with ease. Nicole shares energetic practices that show women how to tap into our feminine energy and create with ease. Feminine energy is about being in a place of pleasure, ease and flow.

I am also rediscovering my essence as I follow the journal exercises that Nicole recommends. Recently I’ve been journaling on the question “Who am I.” I’ve become aware of my frustration that I feel invisible because I’ve chosen to be unemployed in order to heal my body and psyche.

I realized that my subconscious belief in my unworthiness manifests crazy experiences in my life. So I choose to release the beliefs that no longer serve me to create my dreams. I choose to celebrate myself as an innovative, outside the box thinker who creates processes and solutions to empower women and transform the world.

Do you want to release subconscious beliefs that do not serve you and your mission?
Do you want to create an opulent life to live your dreams and transform your world?
Do you want to have the money to give to the causes that excite you and make a difference in your community?

Check out The Goddess Bank program. Live the opulent life from the inside out. Transform your world.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Handling Rage in the Feminine

An Infuriated Man


I’ve been dealing with a lot of anger and rage lately. That surprises me because I don’t see myself as an angry woman. Yet I’ve been highly reactive on several occasions lately.

I’m experiencing transitions as I start a new business and work with new clients. Transitions can be stressful if I choose to think that there is only one way to experience them. I will experience stress if I start to judge myself for failing.

I also have consciously chosen to clear old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve my higher vision. I realize that as I’ve done that my subconscious mind is bringing me into situations that would trigger anger and rage. You see, I was raised to be a good Christian woman and good Christian women don’t get angry, right?

However suppressing my anger and rage has caused me to experience depression and anxiety. Staying depressed and anxious certainly hinders me from manifesting my calling to serve women. The result of my conscious decision is that I experience situations that trigger my anger and rage.

I’m discovering that rage is a powerful emotion that will serve me if I first accept my feelings and shift its intensity. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is my major tool to shift my rage and become calm enough to make constructive decisions about handling the triggering situation.

Recently I experienced rage with a friend online. She commented on my post about feeling triggered because of my past experience with fundamentalist Christianity. I felt that her response was coming from the arrogant “let me fix you” perspective. Unfortunately she hit on one of my major issues with the fundamentalist world.

I tapped (practiced EFT) on my feelings about the situation. I accepted my feelings towards her without judgment. I’m learning that there are no bad feelings; emotions are simply energy in motion. After tapping for awhile, I became calm and relaxed.

I spoke my truth and expressed my feelings about her comment. I started by thanking her for acknowledging my pain. I reflected that I found her comments to be arrogant and explained my feelings. I shared that I recognized that I have past wounds with fundamentalist Christianity but that I’ve chosen to use Emotional Freedom Technique as my primary practice to clear what’s in my cellular memory.

This interaction is a major shift in handling challenging relationships for me. Up until now, I would either acquiesce or remain silent but filled with rage. But in December I set the intention to be courageous love and roar.

Isn’t that amazing! I set the intention of the feeling I wanted to experience in my body. Two months later, I’m experiencing that intention with ease.

Would it be okay to ask if there are intentions that you made at the beginning of the year? How are you doing in manifesting them? Do you want to shift the patterns & beliefs that hold you back from your desires?

Check out the Tapping World Summit that starts on Monday. Nick Ortner, creator of the Tapping Solution, interviews some phenomenal leaders who share how EFT can transform your life.

Click here the Tapping World Summit. Get ready to tap away your problems and create the life you desire. Have fun, make a difference & serve the world!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

The Power of Gentleness

Gentle Falls


Do you tend to condemn yourself for your mistakes? Are you the first person to point out your mistakes? Do you find it difficult to acknowledge your strengths?

This is a pattern that I’ve lived with most of my life. Up until now, I would be the first person to judge myself for mistakes and ignore my strengths. But I’ve made a commitment to change that pattern after realizing that it does not serve me to achieve my goals.
(© David Stevens | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

This weekend I attended an improvisational theatre games event organized by a Meetup group in my community (IMPROV in the PUB). This event was so out of my comfort zone that I felt like I was on another planet. I’m a very organized person who always likes to plan things out in advance. I haven’t acted in years. But I chose to try something new and meet new people.

So I attended the event and felt like I did poorly. I felt embarrassed because I couldn’t come up with ideas quick enough. I basically felt like a failure and then I started condemning myself for performing poorly.

The next day I saw the following quote on Facebook “Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.” Gentle with myself, be gentle with myself. That was so far beyond what I could conceive. I didn’t even know what that looked like, so I meditated on it.

After meditating I realized that being gentle with myself is having love and compassion for myself. It’s about accepting myself just the way I am now. I choose to be gentle with myself because I know that the Divine loves and accepts me just the way I am now. I don’t have to be perfect to be loved by God.

Like many people, I believed that God rejects me if I sin and make mistakes. I held a vision of God as the “judgmental heavenly Father” who comes down hard on me when I make mistakes. And that led me to a desire to be perfect. So of course by performing poorly in the improvisational theatre games event I started to judge and condemn myself. Mistakes were not acceptable in that world.

But what if I held a different image of the Divine? What if I chose to accept myself exactly as I am now? What if I honored my perfect imperfections? What if I saw my mistakes as evidence that I am growing into my magnificence?

What if I decided that I don’t make mistakes? I grow into my magnificence. How much freer would my life be!

What if we all decided that no one makes mistakes? Instead we believed that everyone is simply growing into their magnificence. Imagine what could happen as more people began to be gentle with themselves. Imagine the possibilities!

Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Celebrating New Year’s in the Feminine

Celebrate New Year's


I trust that everyone has experienced a great Christmas with family and friends! It’s been an adventurous time for Toronto residents as we experienced a wicked ice storm the weekend before Christmas. Many Torontonians were without power during Christmas and some people still don’t have power. It was a time to rely on our faith in the Divine and help our neighbours in need.

Now that Christmas is over many people are focusing on our goals for 2014, our vision of what we want to accomplish next year. I often set resolutions on what I want to accomplish and get stressed and feel like a failure if I don’t achieve it.

Yesterday I reflected on the whole New Year’s resolution experience. It feels like a masculine energy experience – focusing on what I am doing. Every year I started out with great intentions but within a few months I would feel like a failure because I didn’t achieve my intention.

But that reverses the “BE – DO – HAVE” principle of creation and manifestation. In other words I need to be the person that is required to do what is needed to manifest my dreams.

So what if I focused on be-ing? What if I focused on experience the emotions in my body to create the life I desire? What a radical perspective on New Year’s resolutions!

I’ve recently become aware of how fears have controlled my life. What if I chose to be courageous? Courage is not denying fear it’s acknowledging my fears and shifting them to take inspired action that would manifest my dreams.

What if I also chose to be love? Love means loving and accepting myself – fears, foibles and all. True love starts with loving myself, as I love myself I can love and accept others.

I choose to be courageous love in 2014. I choose to love, honour and accept myself unconditionally. The result – I will ROAR! I will manifest my vision with ease and joy in the new year.

Are you a woman who’s ready to be a champion like Katy Perry and ROAR in 2014?
What feelings do you require to manifest your vision?

Join me and transform your world with ease in 2014 with the power of your feminine energy.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Creating Magic

Angel girl creating magic


I enjoyed a delightful weekend filled with magical conversations. I’m discovering that staying in my feminine energy creates magic. I don’t have to do anything to make the magic happen, simply consciously stay in my feminine energy and be willing to receive.

I started with a busy Saturday taking care of errands which I could have seen as a negative experience but I chose to be in the place of joy. The magic began Saturday morning when I met the Kourtis Crew at a local café as I waited for my ride. The Kourtis crew are Danny, George & Nicholas Kourtis. Danny Kourtis, the head of the crew is totally committed to raising boys with integrity who are respectful.

I enjoyed a fabulous conversation with Danny as he shared his joys and challenges in his role as their father. Danny is a busy entrepreneur with a flooring installation company but he states that his most important job is being George and Nicholas’ father. He says his day starts at 5:00 am and by the end of the day he is exhausted focusing on nurturing and caring for his boys. He stated that when he dies that it would be more important that his sons to say that he was a great father than having people say that he was a great flooring installer.

Kudos to Danny Kourtis, the head of the Kourtis crew in his dedication to his family. It’s great to connect with people who know what’s really important in life.

The Kourist Crew

The magic continued with a conversation with my cousin in the afternoon. Maureen is an amazing woman who has transformed challenging experiences into joy. I always end up roaring with laughter when we chat. Maureen had returned from a family visit and it was great to get caught up. I always learn so much from Miss Maureen, we are on a similar path of transforming our family story of struggle and suffering to one of joy and celebration.

We discussed what we are learning about staying in the vortex (an Abraham-Hicks expression). It was a delight to share about focusing on the energy of the goals we desire to manifest in our lives. It’s much easier to talk about what’s not working in our lives and Maureen calls me on it when I slip into my old pattern of victim mentality. Everyone needs a Maureen in their life. I thank God for my beloved cousin, Maureen Livingstone.

Then the magic continued at my local Feminine Power women’s group on Sunday. It was a pleasure to connect with dynamic women who are committed to transforming patterns that no longer serve us in achieving our highest good. We reviewed the power practices that we learned from the Feminine Power course that we took this summer. It’s great to share the shifts we are making as we apply the practices we learned a few months ago. I love my joyful sisters. They are phenomenal.

This weekend I confirmed that I can create a magical life with ease when I stay in my feminine energy. Join me as we transform our world with ease in the power of the feminine.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”



Joyful Woman

I recently watched a fabulous video that demonstrates the power of feminine energy to transform a challenge into a joyful celebration! Deborah Cohan faced a double mastectomy earlier this week and chose to have a dance party with her surgical team before she went into surgery.

That is amazing! I’m telling you if I was going to have a mastectomy my first thought would not be to have a dance party with the team just before surgery. Not only did Cohan have a dance party to Beyonce’s hit “Get Me Bodied,” she asked her family and friends to videotape themselves dancing to Beyonce that she could watch during her recovery.

“I have visions of a healing video montage,” she wrote. “Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies. Are you with me people?” (Huffington Post, Lori Leibovich, Deborah Cohan focussed on inspiring her friends, family as well as her surgical team.

What an amazing woman! Deborah Cohan transformed a potentially depressing challenge into a moment of joy and celebration. As you watch the video of Cohan’s flash mob, reflect on challenges that you experience. How could staying in your body and allowing your feelings transform your current challenge into moments of joy and celebration?


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”


Mayan teen girl


We often think that feminine energy is only found in female bodies. But men and women have both masculine and feminine energy. A friend in Mexico recently shared how he used the power of allowing (seen as a feminine energy quality) to transform his life and free him to serve others.

I met Fernando Lara three years ago when he was an artist working at the Children’s Peace Theatre. The Children’s Peace Theatre is a wonderful organization which uses collaborative creation and the philosophy of Conflict Transformation to guide young people to address the many forms of conflict in their lives and in our communities.

Fernando is a talented artist who uses juggling and similar skills to teach youth these profound truths. He worked at the Peace Camp engaging children, aged 8-13, in a collaborative process to create an original production complete with original musical score and visual production pieces. The phenomenal production was based on the children’s explorations of relevant social issues and their visions of peace.

Fernando is also a refugee from Mexico who had just arrived in Canada when he started working at the Peace Theatre. Unfortunately he experienced some other challenges and had to leave Canada in August 2012.

Now this was an ideal situation for Fernando to stay in the victim “poor me” mode. However, Fernando made a different choice. He chose to accept his situation, honoring his feelings and create something from his experience.

Fernando has a strong passion to serve youth equipping them with the tools to make better choices. He chose to work with the Mayan community in Mexico applying what he learned at the Children’s Peace Theatre. He created peace camps working with Mayan youth in Bacalar, Mexico and Yaxunah, Mexico.

The following video shares his work with the youth in Bacalar, Mexico. As you view his video reflect on the areas that you wish to change in your life. Consider how accepting the situation could free you up to serve more effectively.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Allow To Create Joy!

Jump For Joy


Recently I’ve been reflecting on the role of allowing in creating my desires. You see like most people growing up in a patriarchal world, I have always believed that I have to fight and push to get ahead. I didn’t really believe that God was looking out for me. I felt that I had to push real hard to achieve my dreams.

I’m a very hard worker and whatever I commit to achieving I will do whatever it takes to manifest it. So I fought and I struggled and overcame immense barriers to achieve my goals. Yet I’d be so exhausted after dealing with a struggle. I’d often be wiped out for weeks.

Subconsciously I wanted to find a better way; I knew that life had to be more than constant struggle with fleeting moments of joy. And I’ve discovered that there is a better way. For women, allowing is the secret to creating the life you desire. Allowing and accepting is the key to feminine energy.

Consider the sexual act, in the process of creation the woman allows herself to be penetrated. She accepts penetration to create a baby. The man does the pushing, the woman does the receiving.

In our patriarchal world guided by masculine energy, receiving is seen as a passive act. Accepting challenges is seen to be wussy. No one wants to be seen as a weak and powerless. So as women we push and struggle to create what we desire. Often we feel burnt out and exhausted when we achieve our desires.

This summer I set the intention to transform my money story, to create a different experience with money. I shared about the earlier part of the journey in The Power of Allowing. It has been quite a journey as I tap into my feminine power to create a new money story.

Yesterday I realized that I had never really accepted my current money story. I focused on changing the story; create a new experience of joy and celebration. I realized that I hated my current money story of struggle and suffering. As a woman of faith it was never acceptable to admit that I hated anything. Nice girls don’t hate. Good Christian women don’t hate.

Not accepting and allowing my feelings, creates emotional blocks. Feelings or emotions are energy in motion. By accepting a feeling the energy is free to move and flow.
Hatred is neither good or bad it just is. The patriarchal world that we live in states that there are positive and negative emotions. In that world, hatred is a negative emotion; it’s bad to feel hatred. Of course I wouldn’t acknowledge my feelings, because I don’t want to feel bad.

However yesterday I made a different choice. I chose to allow my hatred for my current money story. I used the energy practices of Welcoming Prayer, a Christian contemplative practice and Emotional Freedom Technique. I also used other feminine energy practices that helped me stay connected to my body.

And the result of accepting my feelings about my current money story is… Today my creditor agreed to my request to renegotiate my repayment plan. Yes! I have manifested the best relationship with a creditor ever. This happened because I chose to allow my feelings.

Craft a different experience with your life. Choose to allow your feelings and create the joyous life you desire.

Feel free to leave your comments on this post. I’d love to know what you think. Also, please like and share this post so that others can benefit from it. Thanks!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”