I’m Wide Awake!

Jump For Joy


I admit that I’ve lived in a victim mentality for most of my life. I shared earlier about experiencing the trauma of being sexually abused by a family member as a child. Unfortunately I let these traumas define me and control how I experienced my life.

Since I saw myself as a victim, I was influenced by other people’s opinions. I believed that their opinions defined me because I did not see that I was worthy. From this place of unworthiness and guilt I attracted situations that reinforced my shame. This included emotional breakdown, ongoing financial challenges and experiencing homelessness that led to living in a shelter.

These patterns continued until I made the conscious decision to transform my money story to the better. As a result I began to look at the deep rooted issues that caused my ongoing money challenges. I saw that the trauma of sexual abuse led to the money problems.

Money is the product of the merger of masculine and feminine energies, just as the birth of a child. Since I experienced sexual abuse, I had a negative view of masculine energy, my own masculine energy or anyone else’s. So I experienced challenges being around masculine energy.

I have done a lot of energy work during the past 18 months healing my experience with masculine energy. I chose to work with the amazing Drew Ryder, an Emotional Freedom Technique coach, who has shifted my experience with the masculine greatly. Yet I still saw myself as a victim of sexual abuse.

Then I had the radical thought. What if I no longer saw myself as a victim of sexual abuse? What if the sexual abuse was part of the bigger picture that equipped me to fulfill my calling on the planet?

I know that I am called to equip and empower women to walk in their greatness. What if I realized that I consciously chose to experience sexual abuse, the financial challenges, the depression and anxiety? What if I chose to be the catalyst to show women what is possible when they stand in their power?

On a soul level, I realize that I chose this path. I chose to experience these challenges so that I can show women the way out. Many women experience sexual abuse, financial challenges and mental health concerns. They feel lost and alone. I know that and can speak to them as someone who is like them. I can show them the way out.

So what does my new story look like?

I am an empowered, dynamic woman who is creating a delicious business as a copywriter. I am using my marketing and communications skills to promote other businesses and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It’s a perfect match for someone with an extensive social service background.

As the Queen of Copywriting I am creating a team of copywriters, training other copywriters to serve other entrepreneurs. I choose to surround myself with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are making a difference. I choose to focus on the awesome possibilities of life, instead of seeing myself as a victim of what shows up in my life.

I choose to create a life where I fulfill my dream of travelling to Africa and discover the area where my family came from. I choose to move to Nova Scotia and live on the waterfront in a small town. I choose to improve my health and perform with an African dance group. I choose to take voice lessons again.

2015 is the year that I wake up to my true calling as a creator who equips other women to be creators of their life. I choose to make a difference in women’s lives.

As you watch Katy Perry’s video “Wide Awake” ask yourself “Do you need to wake up to the truth of your calling?” Let 2015 be the year that you wake up to your magnificence.


Andrea Scott
“The Queen of Copywriting”

How To Create A Magical New Year

Happy New Year


Can you believe that it’s January 2015? I love the New Year! It’s wonderful to leave the past behind and create a new experience in 2015.

I began 2014 with the conscious decision to stay in the feminine and focus on being love. As I loved myself courageously, I would speak my truth. It was awesome!

I manifested many opportunities to love myself and accept my perfect imperfections. I also created opportunities to set boundaries with people in my life and speak the truth to situations that did not serve either of us. It was challenging because that had not been my experience up to that point.

Yet it was a skill that I needed to learn in order live out my calling. I am thankful for the wise friends and family who supported me during this time of transition.

And here I am at the beginning of another year. I’m thrilled to create a new experience and live my dreams. This year I choose to be joy and celebration. I choose to be joy and celebration despite the outward circumstances.

As I choose to be joy and celebration, I will fly. I am creating the delicious business where I support other entrepreneurs by writing excellent content to market their business. I am birthing a successful business doing what I love as I make a difference by supporting other positive, innovative entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to create a magical life? Are you ready to be the joy and celebration that our world needs? As you watch R Kelly’s video “I Think I Can Fly” reflect on your blessings. As you do you will manifest your desires with ease.


Andrea Scott
“The Queen of Copywriting”

Why Should I Love Myself?

Love Yourself


As a young child the Bible taught me that I should love my neighbor as myself. I also recall other people telling me to care for others, to put other people first. Good girls are not supposed to be selfish. I was discouraged from choosing the best of anything and settled for what showed up. I had a good life, but it lacked some passion.

Everything changed last year when I decided to transform my money story for the better. I realized that my money story was the result of earlier childhood trauma which led to a negative view of masculine energy. This reflected on my negative perspective of my own masculine energy, not just the masculine energy I receive from men.

In my journey to heal this pattern, I started the Big Wild Love program created by Nicole Abundance. She created the program to wake up women from the romantic fairy tale myth of relationships.

Yet I took the program to heal my experience with masculine energy. That’s me, always thinking outside the box. ***Wink***

Big Wild Love transformed everything for I have fallen in love with myself. I’ve come to have a passionate affair with me, to love and accept my perfect imperfections. I accept me.

The results are amazing. Family members, who have expressed concerns because my life path is different than theirs, reach out to me with love. I’ve renewed connections with others where the relationship seemed to be broken in the past.

I’ve manifested mutually supportive friendships with local entrepreneurs. We are making a difference in changing the face of business in Toronto. I am developing a luscious content creation business that is a constant delight. I have attracted clients although I do not have a website and business cards yet. People trust me because I believe in myself. They sense my confidence and know that I can deliver. And I do.

Falling in love with me is the biggest gift that I’ve given myself this year. The restored relationships with family and creating a delicious business are an added bonus. Manifesting a relationship with conscious man living his purpose will put the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of my life.

Do you want to create an ice cream sundae life filled with joy and passion? Are you ready for a conscious man to show up in your life? Check out Nicole Abundance’s Big Wild Love program.

You will be blessed. I am!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Is Inner Work Worth It?

A Blissful Woman


So you’ve been spending time focusing on releasing energy that doesn’t serve and it’s taking forever to see results. Your friends may tell you to give up your dream of creating a successful business and get a job.

In fact, you may have family members who tell you to give up and get a job. They may believe that you can’t create a successful life unless you are employed.

So what do you do when you’re experiencing difficulty paying your rent and your basic expenses? Do you give up on your dream and settle for the mediocre life that most people experience?

I certainly understand the temptation. It may feel easier to settle for mediocrity around you. Last July, I made a commitment to transform my money story for the better. The last 15 months have been the most emotionally draining experience of my life. It beat out the 8 months when I was homeless and I didn’t anything could be more draining.

I discovered that money is the result of the union of masculine and feminine energy, money is creation. However my creation story includes being sexually abused by a family member as a child. Consequently I held negative beliefs around masculine energy and I had to release those beliefs to transform my money story.

I’ve been blessed with 2 wonderful coaches who supported me in this process of transformation. Denise Michaels is my business coach who helped me clarify and focus on what I wanted to create in business. Drew Ryder is my Emotional Freedom Technique coach who helped me heal my experience of masculine energy.

I’ve also been blessed with close friends who listened to me when I needed to vent about my frustrations. Despite all the frustration and emotional pain I was experiencing as I released energy that no longer serves my higher vision, I knew that there was a better way. I knew that the Divine was calling me to serve women and make a difference. I am called to help heal the planet as a marketer and a communicator.

After 15 months of intense inner work, my response to the question “Is Inner Work Worth It?” Hell yeah! I would never trade this time for anything.

I am manifesting a business creating marketing content for other entrepreneurs. I am the “Queen of Content Creation.” I have some clients and they are referring me to other entrepreneurs who could benefit from my services.

I will be interviewed on Kat Sturtz’ Fast Action Friday show on October 24. I will also be interviewed on Deborah St. Hilaire’s Divalution Show in December. The irony of ironies is that both shows will focus on the power of doing your inner work.

I have also released 14 pounds in excess weight because I gained the weight to protect my body from masculine energy. So I’ve addressed 2 issues in one fell swoop. How cool is that!

The inner work that I’ve done this past year has been intense. I’ve been in tears and overwhelmed many times. But it is worth the effort. I know that I’ve created the foundation to manifest my desires and live my vision of bringing my gifts to the world.

As you watch the video below, reflect on your vision and how you can make a greater difference as you release energy that no longer serves that vision.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”


Enraged Woman


It’s been quite a week. As I shared in my previous post, last July I made the conscious decision to transform my money story for the better. That decision has led to the most tumultuous year I’ve ever experienced and I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

This week during my coaching session with Drew Ryder, I realized that I held most of my angst at the cellular level. Up until now I constantly lived in fear of making mistakes, I was terrified if anyone criticized me. I was an incredible perfectionist.

It began to make sense when I reflected on the fact that as a Black woman from Jamaica, my ancestors were slaves to British owners. A slave could be killed or sold to more abusive owners if she made a mistake. Her mistakes could cause other slaves to be punished.

Wow! That explained why my parents were such perfectionists, that’s what they learned. Perfectionism is on the cellular level for most people of African descent in my experience. But I decided that I don’t want to live as a perfectionist. Nor do I want to live as a Black woman who hates white people.

Drew Ryder coached me through an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) process to release my rage towards the owners of my ancestors. In addition Drew suggested that I scream my rage out to release it. After all, slaves were not allowed to express their rage and I held my rage in my throat.

I wrote a forgiveness letter to the owners of my ancestors. I fully expressed my rage telling them off for their abusive behavior to my ancestors. I tapped (practiced EFT) on my feelings, screamed and journalled my fury. I also practiced the Forgiveness Prayer practice (a contemplative practice from the Centering Prayer tradition).

After I practiced the Forgiveness Prayer, I tore up my forgiveness letter and flushed it down the toilet. I wanted to release the energy of rage from my apartment. I listened to the Agape International community song “I Forgive Me” while I flushed the letter, but I sang it as “I Forgive Thee,” forgiving the owners of my ancestors as well as my ancestors for giving me this angst.

I feel much lighter in my spirit since I did this practice to release ancestral rage. My shoulders feel much lighter. My appetite is smaller because up until now I would overeat when I was enraged. So by releasing ancestral rage I have also made a positive impact on my eating habits.

The work I did this week is amazing when you realize that Drew Ryder is a British man living in Spain. I’m from Jamaica and my ancestors were slaves to British owners.

Doesn’t that show that the Divine has an amazing sense of humour? A British man living in Spain facilitates the healing of a Jamaican woman in Canada.

Is there someone in your life that you sense you need to forgive? As you watch the following video, reflect on how forgiving that person could free you to manifest your dreams and transform your life.

I did and it has made all the difference to me.

Blessings of joy,

Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”


I Dare You


Last July I made the conscious decision to transform my money story from struggle to one of prosperity. Little did I realize the impact of that decision, for my whole life has been turned upside down. It has been an incredible journey.

I discovered that my money story is actually my creation story, how I manifest anything in my life. Up until now, I have always experience challenges creating anything that I desire. I believed that I had to struggle to get ahead and create my dreams. I played that out perfectly creating experiences of homelessness and other drama in my life.

Creation of anything in our life is the union of masculine and feminine energy, the birthing process. Unfortunately my experience of masculine energy has been tainted because I was sexually abused by a family member as a child. So tapping into masculine energy to create what I desire was something I avoided on a subconscious level.

Since I am committed to transforming my life, I connected with resources and energy healers to help me transform my experience of the masculine. The biggest gift has been my wonderful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coach, Drew Ryder. Drew is a compassionate and caring man who has helped me release my fear of masculine energy and transform it to a new appreciation for enlightened men.

I’ve chosen to forgive my abuser for the trauma that he caused, for I realize that he was only acting out of his wounds and pain. I also chose to forgive myself for allowing the abuse. Now I know people may ask “Why would you judge yourself for the abuse?”

However I felt guilty and ashamed and believed that I caused the abuse. I practiced EFT, wrote myself a forgiveness letter and smudged myself to clear the energy of guilt and shame from my body. I felt better but it seemed like something was missing.

I finally figured out the problem. I basically believed that money was dirty and evil. Up until now, I thought that money was bad. As I tapped on this belief with Drew, I realized that it wasn’t just that I thought money was bad. I believed that I was intrinsically dirty and evil.

Of course, I struggled manifesting anything because I didn’t believe that I was worthy to receive anything that I desired. I was raised in the Christian tradition and was taught that I am sinful. I worked for a religious organization that believed that we need to be saved from our sins to be worthy. Everything around me emphasized that I was bad. So I believed them and manifested bad situations in my life. For like energy attracts like energy.

Yesterday during my session with Drew Ryder, I tapped on this belief that I am bad and I released it. I now know, deep in my soul, that I am worthy. The world will benefit from my desires and my vision. I am a magnificent being created by the Divine.

The Divine cherishes me and longs for me to manifest my vision. My online community, Tap Into Your Bliss, longs to be created to give women hope to promote their business in their magnificent feminine energy.

I am magnificent! I am blessed! I am worthy! I am ready to step up to the plate and manifest the vision that the Creator has given me.

As you watch Shakira’s video “La, La, La” reflect on how what would happen if you dared to believe that you are worthy. How could you help heal the world?

I Dare You!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

P.S. – Would it be okay to ask you to share this message with friends who struggle with feelings of unworthiness? Let’s manifest a world where people relish their worthiness.


Be Specific


Is it important to be specific when you set your intentions? In my last post, “Got A GOMP?” I indicated that I decided to change my money story last year. I wanted to create a money story where I could generate the income to live my dreams and make a difference in the world.

Today during my session with my coach, Drew Ryder, I reflected the changes that I’ve made in my life. I acknowledged the huge transformation that I’ve experienced as a result of that decision. Yes, I’ve changed in how I engage with the world and I’m now addressing the underlying challenges that I experience due to being sexual abused by a family member.

Yet I’m still having money problems. In fact I’m experiencing more challenges than I had last year as I’m making less money. I was in tears expressing my frustration with the situation when Drew pointed out that I’ve changed your money story. He indicated that making less money this year than last year is still a change in my money story.

As soon as he said that, I just howled with laughter. It was the ultimate joke of the Divine. Yes, Drew nailed it for I never specifically said that I wanted my money story to change for the better. At that point I was operating from a place of shame and unworthiness, so my subconscious mind attracted more of the same into my life. As the Law of Attraction reflects – Like energy attracts like energy.

After I finished roaring with laughter at my unconscious mistake, I spent time discussing my specific financial goal this year. I focused on specific ideas of how I could manifest that goal with ease. I know that I will manifest my financial goal for look at how I changed my money story this past year. Now I choose to change my money story for the better, much better.

This is yet another GOMP (Growth Opportunity Masquerading as a Problem) in my life. In the past I would be condemning myself for such a silly mistake. Today I choose to laugh at my unconscious mistake and honor myself for the work that I have done to transform my life.

I choose to be specific with my financial goals. I know that I have the power in me to create a life that reflects my magnificence. I have the power to create a business that empowers women to share their message with the world. Life is much better now that I choose to be specific.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

Got a GOMP?



Do I have a GOMP? What are you talking about? What on earth is a GOMP? A GOMP is a Growth Opportunity Masquerading (cleverly disguised) as a Problem. They are often called difficulties or challenges.

Living in victim mode for most of my life, I would often whine and complain with the GOMPs that I experienced. But a wise friend recently called me on that pattern and I’ve chosen to reframe the challenges I experience as GOMPs. I have a different energy that feels pleasant and light-hearted.

Last summer I made the conscious choice to transform my money story in order to live out the calling the Divine has given me. Be warned, when you make conscious decisions like that God takes you seriously. I knew it was the right move to make but I had no idea what that meant.

It feels like the last eight months were filled with one intense GOMP after another intense GOMP. I had no idea what I was in for when I made that choice. And the bottom line is that I’ve finally discovered the source of my on-going money challenges.

I was sexually abused by a family member when I was a young child. I became aware of that experience over 10 years ago and sought support to heal the initial trauma. Yet it has impacted my money story because it takes masculine and feminine energy to create money.

Since I have had a traumatic experience with wounded masculine energy, up until now, I’ve been filled with rage directed at masculine energy. Consequently I never felt safe with my own masculine energy or other people’s masculine energy.

Recently I’ve discovered some phenomenal energy resources to heal my experience with masculine energy. As I apply those energy practices my life is being transformed. I’ve been revitalized with a new desire to live out my calling as a woman of hope and inspiration for women.

Living out my calling begins with the creation of an online community equipping women with tools and resources to share their message with the world in their powerful feminine energy. With over 20 years background in marketing people, products and services in unique environments I will marry this experience with my new passion for the power of the feminine to transform our world.

My first step is the creation of the “Tap Into Your Bliss” group on Facebook. I intend to share the resources and tools that I’ve discovered, empowering women to share their powerful message of hope with the world with ease. I’ve created a sacred, safe space for women to learn and share their wisdom with each other.

If you are a woman who wants to make a difference in the world, I invite you to join us at Tap Into Your Bliss. We’d love to connect with you and learn from you. Together we will help transform our world with our powerful goddess energy.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

P.S. – Would it be okay to ask any men reading this post to forward it to their women friends? I appreciate your assistance. Thanks!

Forgiveness Transforms


Forgive Me

I’ve been experiencing a lot of rage recently, rage towards people who hurt me in the past and most importantly rage towards myself. I’ve never considered myself to be an angry person. After all, I’m the nice girl and nice girls don’t get angry, right?

Well, I’m discovering that my niceness was my way to suppress the anger that was there all along. It never felt safe to express my anger so I repressed it and became depressed or anxious.

Last summer I made a commitment to change my money story. It has been a transformative experience as I addressed some deeply painful childhood experiences. It’s been challenging but I’m glad that I’ve been shifting energy in core areas of my life.

I realized that I’ve made many mistakes in managing my money, but I’ve never forgiven myself for these errors. I grew up with the worldview that God will punish me if I make a mistake, so I have to be vigilant to make sure I don’t screw up.

Since I lived with a scarcity mindset for most of my life, making a mistake was more significant. I believed that there was a finite amount of money and losing money was the end of the world because I didn’t believe that I could make more. I truly felt screwed when I lost money due to my poor money management. I became hypervigilant.

The irony that we learn from Law of Attraction is that the more vigilant I am focusing on my mistakes, the more mistakes I will make. And I kept on making more mistakes with my money. I couldn’t figure it out.

So I tapped (practiced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on my desire to forgive myself for my money errors. Instead of seeing God as the judge who will punish me for my mistakes I chose to see the Divine as pure love, the One who accepts me and guides me on my path of love.

After I tapped, I wrote a letter to myself, listing my errors with money and I forgave myself for these mistakes. I tore the letter into pieces and flushed the pieces down the toilet. As I did that it felt like my tendency to beat myself up over my mistakes was flushed down the toilet at the same time.

I felt free and light, ready to take action to move forward on my dreams. I now see that my errors with money are simply opportunities to grow in consciousness.

Guess what, forgiveness spreads! Forgiving myself for my money mistakes has spread to other areas of my life. After I wrote myself the forgiveness letter I had an interaction with someone that afternoon. I made a mistake in how I handled the situation and was called on it publicly. In the past, I would have felt so ashamed and apologized profusely. This time I apologized to the person I offended and let it go. I was totally relaxed in my interactions with others that day.

Do you want to transform your life? Enjoy this rendition of “I Forgive Me” by Tim McAfee-Lewis from the Agape International Spiritual Centre. Reflect on how you can move forward and achieve your goals with ease as you forgive yourself.


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

A New View of Failure

A Failing Business


Our world worships success and idealizes winners. People often feel like an absolute loser when they don’t reach their goals immediately.

I certainly understand, for up until now, I would condemn myself as a failure when I didn’t reach my goal. Or I would continue a project that I struggled with because I didn’t want to be seen as a failure if I quit. What a frustrating and joyless life!

But what if there was a new view of failure? What if this perspective liberated you by freeing you to take another step towards your current goal or create a new goal? Tamara Levitt shares her healthy perception of failure in her video “Ode to Failure.”

Ms. Levitt is an artist who chats openly about the failures she experienced in her struggle to attain artistic success. She also shares the wisdom she acquired in the process. She speaks about her decision to end her musical career under the misguided direction of a counselor when she failed to obtain a recording contract.

She asserts that we have a distorted view of success. She emphasizes that when the goal is all that matters we often miss the beauty that we experience in the process. Since we idealize winners and condemn “failures,” many people fight against the limitations they experience. People struggle endlessly to achieve a goal instead of accepting their limitation and working with their nature.

I can relate to this experience. I struggled to create a network marketing business for almost 20 years and had little success. Then after reassessing the situation I realized that network marketing is a business model that does not work for my personality.

I am a star performer personality and I am more successful marketing my own products & services. Marketing other people’s products and services, a.k.a. network marketing, is a poor fit. Currently I’m being mentored by a successful entrepreneur and learning how to develop products that will serve women.

Tamara Levitt persuades us to accept our limitations and liberate ourselves from the need to be perfect. She encourages us to celebrate the smallest victory we achieve in the journey to our goals.

Towards the end she encourages us to remember that:

We are good enough.
Just because we may have a failure,
It does not mean that we are a failure.

As you view the video reflect on your past failures. How did you feel when you failed? Could Tamara’s perspective help you in the future?

Before you start to condemn yourself for your past failures, check out this video on famous failures. You’re in excellent company!


Andrea Scott
“The Joyful Freedom Diva”

P.S. – Image © Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos